Learning Design

For those seeking to design effective learning programmes for their team: programmes that actually lead to improved performance, download our free learning design planning tool.

Too often when learning programmes are ineffective, it is the design that has unintentionally been flawed.  Flawed because one or more of the principles of effective learning have been ignored.

We’ve designed our planning tool to ensure that these learning principles are at the core of the design process.  For example, that the learning programme is feedback driven, builds shared clarity with learners, and ensures the focus is on deep thinking, so that the learning is ‘sticky’ and memorable.

The planning tool comes with a handy user guide to explain each step in the process. It’s a tool that can be used to plan anything from a thirty minute session, keynote speech, e-learning programmes,  up to much longer multi-session programmes.

Reasons for downloading our learning design planning tool
  • Maximise the impact of your programme on the long-term performance of learners
  • Answer the three key questions that ensure effective buy-in from your audience
  • Understand the process to ensure shared clarity with learners
  • Use feedback to establish the starting points of all learners
Learning Design
Free Learning Design Planning Tool
Download our free learning design planning tool along with easy-to-use help guide. A step-by-step guide to design effective learning programmes that will maximise the impact of any learning programme.
Fascinating and wide-ranging
The Learning Imperative provides a fascinating and wide-ranging summary of both theory and practice in the field of learning and development, offering a compelling narrative on how to improve corporate performance through learning.
Matt Cuhls, CEO - ReAssure Group
Mark did some consultancy work with our organisation a couple of years ago; the theories and concepts that he discussed were inspirational and changed my approach to learning design forever.
Catherine Blackburn - Next PLC
one-stop shop on how to develop leadership
I would fully recommend this book to anyone in a leadership role who wants to effect positive change in others.
Sean Lundon, Head of Academy Coaching, Everton FC