Leading the Learning Team

In an era of ever accelerating change in all sectors, be it technological, social or economic, building and maintaining a team who has an openness to learning is crucially important. ¬†Our white paper examines the three main key elements to creating an openness-to-learning culture; strong relational trust, processing capacity and accurate self-perception. Time and time again, we’ve observed that the absence of one or more of these three elements has led to a closed-to-learning culture that has seriously hindered the ability of leaders to improve performance.

The white paper also links to our free online survey. ¬†Using this can provide you with a valuable insight into your team’s perception of the extent to which each of these elements is a barrier.

Key features of our white paper
  • The three key elements essential to ensure an openness-to-learning culture
  • Outlines how interdependent these three elements are
  • Links to our free survey tool to get feedback from your team about whether these ingredients are in place
  • Practical leadership strategies to nurture an openness-to-learning culture
Leading learning programmes
Why are some teams into learning and others less so? And what can we do, as leaders, to improve the learning culture in our teams? This white paper outlines three elements that are essential to creating and maintaining the openness-to-learning team...
Fascinating and wide-ranging
The Learning Imperative provides a fascinating and wide-ranging summary of both theory and practice in the field of learning and development, offering a compelling narrative on how to improve corporate performance through learning.
Matt Cuhls, CEO - ReAssure Group
Mark did some consultancy work with our organisation a couple of years ago; the theories and concepts that he discussed were inspirational and changed my approach to learning design forever.
Catherine Blackburn - Next PLC
one-stop shop on how to develop leadership
I would fully recommend this book to anyone in a leadership role who wants to effect positive change in others.
Sean Lundon, Head of Academy Coaching, Everton FC