Next Case Study


We provided consultancy to NEXT Plc to support the re-design of their new starter training programme. This programme is for new staff in stores across the UK and Ireland. The re-design was to ensure effective, impactful learning takes place to get new staff to the required level of performance as quickly as possible.

In addition, we ran a series of training sessions with their area trainers and L&D team. These sessions were designed to reinforce the principles of effective learning.  So that the area trainers were able to work with in-store training teams to maximise the impact of the new programme.


The feedback from NEXT six months later…

“As our training resources are accessed by team coaches on mobile tablet devices, the structure needed to be uncomplicated and easy to understand. Your recommendations for clarity of content and the inclusion of great quality questions helped to formulate the resources, and your guidance resulted in training that follows these learning principles:

  • Recap
  • Establish prior knowledge
  • Explain and show
  • Challenge and check
  • Feedback and next steps

Since its launch…we’ve had great feedback about new team members being better equipped to do their job more quickly, and effectively, as a result.”