Leading Learning Programmes

For those leading learning programmes, this guide will support the improvement in the quality of learning of those participating and, as a result, their potential improvement in performance.  Our training and consultancy details the key messages from cognitive science about how learning takes place, and therefore the implications on how programmes should be led. In particular this will guide programme leaders on how to:

  • Structure¬†sessions
  • Model and explain new learning
  • Ensure new learning is remembered
  • Avoid learners getting cognitive overload
Key learning points
  • Understanding how to lead sessions where learners are not overwhelmed with new information
  • Ensuring learners leave confident and with shared clarity of their next steps
  • Avoid the three most common pitfalls that lead humans to forget
  • Gain buy-in from all learners regardless of how closed-to-learning they might be
  • Maximise the impact of your preparation time on the learning of learners
Leading learning programmes
Planning Guide
Download our step-by-step planner to designing effective learning for adults, along with help guide. Whether it is an individual session or a sequence, the planner will assist in maximising the impact of learning programmes.
Fascinating and wide-ranging
The Learning Imperative provides a fascinating and wide-ranging summary of both theory and practice in the field of learning and development, offering a compelling narrative on how to improve corporate performance through learning.
Matt Cuhls, CEO - ReAssure Group
Mark did some consultancy work with our organisation a couple of years ago; the theories and concepts that he discussed were inspirational and changed my approach to learning design forever.
Catherine Blackburn - Next PLC
one-stop shop on how to develop leadership
I would fully recommend this book to anyone in a leadership role who wants to effect positive change in others.
Sean Lundon, Head of Academy Coaching, Everton FC